I am a professional writer and editor. Just recently left a glorious eight year stint at the gorgeous COWGIRL Magazine. (One must know when to leave the party… and be brave enough to do so!) As an editor and contributing writer, stylist, and one time cover girl, I had the opportunity to work closely with the brilliant founder and Editor-In-Chief, Callan Kane. Invaluable experience, hard work, and loads of unforgettable fun, along with fabulous trips and a fat bundle of clips in my portfolio.

I previously published quite a bit in LA YOGA, working with the gifted Felicia Tomasko, who taught me many things. The late and lovely Barnaby Conrad, who at one time helmed the Santa Barbara Writer’s Conference, took my earlier work under his wing, awarded it and invited me to read it in front of a great crowd of fellow writers. I was tempered by being workshopped at BreadLoaf. My original mentor was the late, inestimable William Richardson of Santa Barbara.

My other work is as a yoga therapist and intuitive healer, informed and enriched by many years of hospice work. I am also a medium, something I have not fully embraced or owned until this year.

I was once a huntress, procuring wild pigs and buck deer, tracking, skinning, taking care of the blessed and nourishing meat.

I danced ballet for ten years, though not professionally. Yet those moments of the pas de deux en pointe, will remain some of the most blissful of my life. I have discovered belly dancing, whose graceful arm movements remind me of the liquidity and grace of the ballet.

I teach yoga, love poetry and anything French. Am learning guitar…

As I am about to turn 64 and enter my 65th year, I realize even more deeply, that timing is and has been everything.

On that note, I approached this blog two years ago. A premature attempt. I was still grieving the loss of my mother and also that of my mentor. I was enveloped in all of what had transpired in the years leading up to those passings. I had in many regards been responsible for much of their care.

I now find myself untethered,…in a strange and beautiful landscape of possibility, and am at once free to pursue life in a way most of my earlier life precluded. Curious as to what lies beyond the bend in the road. Embracing the beauty of this age and managing a second bloom, however late.

I will keep you posted. We are all on roads that eventually converge.

As Ram dass so eloquently put it, “We are all just walking each other home.”



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